Money Protection

The regulatory bodies take extensive measures to protect the clients, such as keeping customer funds in separate bank accounts. Therefore should anything happen to the company itself, the client’s funds are completely safe. A legal observer is assigned to monitor the performance of the company and ensure their compatibility with the Body of Licensed Controls.

This includes:

  •      The size of the company’s capital compared to the size of its services.
  •      The efficiency of the company’s employees to execute trades in accordance with global and legal standards.
  •      The credibility of the company in the definition of procedures for customer and trading conditions.

Insurance companies issue a license for each reservation in the event of any defect Mediator (though this is quite unlikely). This means that in case of bankruptcy, the client’s funds remain locked and is always refundable at any time. FXT24 gives utmost priority to create a safe and secure environment for trading. Physical, collateral and modern technology is used in order to protect all information systems.

  •      Protection systems HTTPS
  •      We use the server computed SSL technology to protect the site and the account of traders across the web.
  •      The site is locked and encrypted in order to protect investors’ accounts and data.

We deal with Barclays Bank which is one of the largest European banks, And also Laiki Bank in the U.K.