The history of FXT24

FXT24 owned by FXT24 Ltd, FXT24 is online Foreign exchange broker operating out of the United Kingdom. Our team consists of financial and technology executives with combined 10 years of experience in each industry.

The company provides services through its own online trading platforms and through third party platforms such as MetaTrader 4.

FXT24 allows retail and other clients to speculate on global foreign exchange markets in what is known as “margin forex trading” and also provides trading in contract for difference (CFDs) on major indices and commodities such as gold, silver and oil.

FXT24 first started operations in 2007 as a boutique broker business providing investment advice to a group of fund managers.  This advice focused around investments in stocks and indices in the US and Europe.

Over the years our team has grown from an initial consulting group of 5 back in 2007 to a fully fledged broker with over 150 employees at present.

You want to trade industry leading CFDs

  • 5 spot metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum , copper)
  • 16 indices including China 50 and USD Index
  • 6 energy commodities
  • 7 agricultural commodities
  • 58 vanilla options FX pairs

You need an simple trading platform

  • Our industry can seem complex and full of unnecessary technical jargon, we make it easy
  • Our platform is usable
  • No bells, no fancy whistles
  • Just an easy platform so you can trade markets you want
  • We built a trading platform that is enjoyable, fun and easy to understand


At FXT24 we value our reputation and always fulfill our obligations toward clients and partners. Our core philosophy is built on four integral elements, Integrity, Effiency, Professionalism and Reliability.

Integrity : We like to make sure that we do not make unrealistic promises but we do guarantee to support and do everything that is possible to assist each trader that uses our platform.

Efficiency: The saying “time is money” holds true within the forex trading industry, we understand that each second is extremely valuable and as such we provide fast and efficient service to all our clients.

Professionalism: FXT24 continually strive to better ourselves and pride ourselves on the high level of professionalism that we are able to offer to each of our customers

Reliability: We have incorporated the best technologies and most popular trading tools into our platforms for a superior trading experience. We use the metatrader 4 amongst other established platforms, which are known for being the standards in the trading industry.

Our company continuously strives for dynamic progress . We generate and bring new ideas to life, which gives us an opportunity to make our services even better and your trading process even more pleasant and comfortable.

Why Us